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Soundz of Africa

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Exciting rhythms and exhilarating dances transport you to the setting of an African village. Celebrate a baby-naming ceremony, watch a dance honoring a king or queen, listen to music honoring the achievements of a hunter or experience a harvest dance. Hear the thunderous djunjun drum and the powerful djembe drum from Mali and Senegal. Explore the meaning of African music and how it not only conveys history, but also reinforces important moral and social values

Soundz of Samba

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Take a musical excursion that will engulf you in the biggest parade in the entire world - Carnival of Rio de Janeiro! Bass drums, bells, shakers, snares, and whistles all recreate the national rhythm and dance of Brazil—Samba. This group truly depicts the color and pageantry of this four-day-long event in which marching bands come from all over Brazil to express their respective themes and to compete for national recognition.

Manos de Mañana

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Take a voyage along white, sandy beaches and sky-blue waters and hear rumba from Cuba, mambo from Puerto Rico, merengue from the Dominican Republic, and calypso from Trinidad. Using a variety of instruments, such as the conga drums, steel drums, bongos, clavés, bells, maracas, and quiro, audiences will experience a thriving culture that has influenced the music and history of the Americas for centuries.

Trio Tropical

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Come visit the Americas through song. Primarily language-based, this presentation serves as an introduction for students studying Spanish and/or Portuguese. The trio plays a variety of songs from the Americas, including Mexican lullabies, Venezuelan work songs, festival songs of Bolivia, and romantic songs of Peru. The three musicians present these traditional styles with the help of twenty different instruments, making for a lively journey.

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